Colony Collapse… Management or Pesticides????

We as bee keepers need to assess what we are doing and who is watching us very closely. I have a number of hive this year that have already”collapsed”. I have payed close attention to these hives and weather or not they were healthy or not. All of my hives that are failing are hive that I had introduced a new queen into this spring. I was working on a removal when I noticed a queen cell. Then another and another and another… when it was all said and done there were 15 queen cell in this one colony. During the removal they all started to emerge. WOW!!! was I running around like a one legged man in a gunny-sac race trying to get these queens cared for. I needed 8 queens in different hives so man what a deal right?? A few extra to sell, barter etc… so I get all these queens cared for and in their new colonies and they were all accepted and the summer is careening along great. I harvest honey and everything is looking great. then a month later I get into my hives to see how thing are going and roughly 50% of my hive have ZERO stores, WTH??? Then I reflect back and realize these were all the hives I had introduced these queens into. All of my other hives that were either established or had re-queened themselves were doing fine. In fact they are still doing great. So this has gotten me to thinking, is CCD a environmental issue or genetic issue or both?? Well we all agree the the blatant miss and over use of chemicals is not only bat for the environment but just bad ethics in general. I am thinking that CCD is also related to a lot of the appalling practices that migratory beekeeping is practicing. Millions upon millions of bees every year travel America on semi-trucks and are bred for pollination services. Is this the way bees evolved? No we all know it, they are a stationary creature that might move when a tree falls down. we as beekeepers need to spend better time managing our hives and understanding that if honey production is going to be a high priority than we should have two separate line of Apis Mellifera. One for honey production and one for pollination. We also need to be aware that corporate conglomerate sinister monsters like the Big M are watching and are going to come in and offer robotic bees and the like if we can’t get our fecal matter in one area long enough to get this straightened out. As long as we remained fractured as a collective group we will be able to be manipulated by them.

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